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Why can't I find duraflame® products in stores after March?


Unfortunately, many retailers consider our product seasonal, so duraflame® firelogs are not usually available in most home center, discount or club store outlets after March.  Many local supermarkets carry a limited supply of firelog products during the spring and summer months.  If you can't find them on the shelf in your local supermarket, you can ask the manager and he may be able to order some logs for you from the store's distribution center.  You can purchase them directly from us online, or feel free to email us at info@duraflame.com with your zip code, and we will help you locate the product at a store near you.


Is it safe to buy Duraflame coupons from sites like eBay?

No!! Please don’t purchase coupons that are auctioned or sold through online sites like eBay. All Duraflame manufacturer’s coupons state, “Void if copied, transferred, auctioned or sold,” so any retailer can reject a coupon suspected of being void due to copy, sale, transfer or auction. Unfortunately, many of the coupons sold online are counterfeit. It is not worth the risk purchasing our coupons online. Instead, for savings on Duraflame products please register with us to print new coupons monthly.

How do I get on your mailing list?

You can join our mailing list here, or send your contact information to info@duraflame.com or via regular mail to Duraflame, Inc. Mailing List, PO BOX 1230, Stockton, CA 95201-1230.

What's the recommended way to store/dispose of your firelogs and firestarters?

We recommend you always store our firelogs and firestarters in a dry area, away from dampness or heat.  If they are exposed to moisture and/or heat during storage, this can affect burn performance. If you believe they were exposed, it's safe to throw them away in a trash receptacle.  Note that, sometimes after long periods of storage, the wrapper will adhere to the log.  Please ensure you gently pull on the wrapper to create an airspace between the log and the wrapper before every fire.