First firelogs formulated with charcoal provide a robust fire ideal for backyard or backwoods roasting

STOCKTON, Calif. (Apr. 30, 2012) — Duraflame, Inc. announced today one of the company’s biggest innovations since the creation of the firelog: duraflame® Campfire Roasting Logs. They are the first firelogs formulated with charcoal and tested for safe cooking. This new formula makes the logs ideal for roasting foods, such as marshmallows or hot dogs, over an open fire.

The Campfire Roasting Logs are a cleaner burning alternative to a traditional outdoor wood fire. The logs produce 60 percent less particulate emissions than an equivalent wood fire in a fire pit. And, a robust fire can be built using 75 percent less resources than using firewood for a similar duration, while producing more heat per pound. Recycled sawdust, renewable bio-wax and real wood charcoal make up the 100 percent renewable roasting logs.

“We have long history of changing the way people enjoy a fire,” said Chris Caron, Vice President of Brand Development for Duraflame, Inc. “Firelogs designed for outdoor roasting are something our consumers have long anticipated. We work hard to fulfill our customers’ needs and are thrilled to offer campfire roasting firelogs that are also a cleaner burning, convenient and more efficient alternative to a wood fire.”

The Campfire Roasting Logs have an even greater place in the market as recreational camping has grown in popularity.In recent years, more than 44 million Americans participate annually in camping, according to The Outdoor Foundation’s “Special Report on Camping.” In 2010, research funded by Duraflame found that 99 percent of campers build a campfire and 91 percent roast over a fire. In the backyard, 75 percent of consumers who use a fire pit roast over their backyard fire.

Building a Campfire Roasting Logs fire involves stacking two or three logs and lighting the wrappers. The ideal time for roasting is after about 45 minutes when the fire has turned into glowing coals. The burn time can be extended by adding more logs to the hot coals. A five-pound bundle of four logs is ideal for one campfire, or a case of six bundles is enough for four to six campfires. The one-campfire bundle is equivalent to burning 24 pounds of firewood, giving people a more portable option for camping trips.

Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs are available at select Walmart, Kmart and Kroger stores nationally, as well as retailers throughout the U.S. The suggested retail price for a four-log bundle is $5.99. The six-bundle case sells for around $29.99.

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