Three Steps to Get Ahead When You “Fall Back”

Return to Standard Time Kicks Off the Holiday Season with a To-Do List

As we “fall back” an hour on November 6th, the early nightfall signals that winter has officially settled in. The return to Standard Time presents the perfect opportunity for dusting the cobwebs out of that fireplace and stocking up on winter essentials so you can settle in for the long winter’s nap. Below are steps for getting ahead when it’s time to “fall back.”


Take note of items that might not normally get used during the warmer months. 

Chimney – Because things like leaves, creosote and other materials may have built up over the past season’s use, it’s essential to have it checked and swept at the start of the season. The Chimney Safety Institute of America’s website offers a Certified Professional Locator.

Furnace – In all likelihood, the furnace hasn’t been used for months and things like the filter, vent connections and general operations should be checked or changed prior to its first use of the season.

Smoke detectors – Regardless of season, it is always smart to regularly check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in working order – especially before starting that first roaring fire.

Heat vents – Furniture or other objects tend to be placed on top of heat vents during the summer, creating a hazard in the winter.


Address the items on your inspection list and make sure they are prepped for the holidays. 

Clean – Make sure things like heat vents and radiators are free of obstruction and clutter, and that the chimney has been cleaned.

Test – Before you start up the first fire, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends testing important equipment like smoke detectors to make sure they are working properly.

Repair – The items that are not working should be repaired early so you can enjoy the fall and winter months instead of dealing with major issues once the season is in full swing.

Stock – Selecting the right fuel source for the fireplace is essential in order to get the cleanest burning fire. Duraflame has a new Gold Fire Log that produces 80 percent less emissions than a wood fire and burns with bigger, brighter flames than regular firelogs – for a hassle-free fire perfect for holiday entertaining.

Burn – Some air districts, specifically in the west, have restrictions around when to burn. You can enter your zip code on for a live burn status from your local air district as well as clean burning tips to help improve your neighborhood air quality.


Now that you’ve inspected and prepared your home and are officially ready to “fall back,” it’s time to enjoy the season. Gather your family and friends, or simply give back to yourself and settle into some relaxation time by your fire knowing that you are ready for the chilly months ahead.