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For General Inquiries, please click a link below:

Contact Duraflame

ELECTRIC FIREPLACES & HEATERS ALL electric fireplaces and heaters are manufactured and distributed under brand license by a different company, called Twin-Star International, Inc.  Duraflame does not make of sell these items, for assistance contact Twin-Star directly: 
Contact Twin-Star

Duraflame brand electric fireplaces & heaters are manufactured and distributed by Twin-Star International under brand license. While these are not products from Duraflame, our top concern is with the safety of any product that carries our brand name. Please check here for information on a recall on model DFS-220 electric fireplace.

GAS GRILLS  (Manufactured and Distributed under Brand License)
6 Burner Gas BBQ Grill:  Contact Shinerich at 1-866-814-0585 or click here to view the manual.
2 Burner Gas Portable Grill:  Contact Rankam at 1-888-837-1380 or


Headquarters, Main D.C. and Western Manufacturing Facility:

The Klamath Ferry is the Corporate home of DuraflameDuraflame, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 1230
Stockton, CA 95201-1230
Ph: (209) 461-6600
Fax: (209) 462-9412

Eastern Manufacturing Facility and D.C.:
Duraflame, Inc.
344 Arthur Drive
Somerset, KY 42501

History of Duraflame Headquarters

The historic Klamath Ferry is the corporate home of Duraflame, Inc.  The Klamath was built in 1924 and ferried automobiles across the San Francisco Bay area until 1956.  Upon her retirement, she was retrofitted into a floating office building and was moored in San Francisco until 1992, when she was acquired by Duraflame and moved to Stockton, California.