Duraflame® firelogs offer a quick way to relax and de-stress in the face of the economy

STOCKTON, Calif. (Nov. 20, 2008) – As consumers are feeling uneasy in the current stressful economy, many are looking to affordable luxuries to create a comforting evening at home in an effort to save money and reduce stress.

Duraflame, the firelog manufacturer located in Stockton, Calif., is already hearing from retailers that key affordable luxuries, like Duraflame firelogs that are on average $3.50 per log, are a hit with customers. Consumers are trading expensive nights out for cozy evenings at home.

“As the economy tightens, we know that people are spending more time at home, but don’t want to miss out on experiencing a great evening,” said Chris Caron, Vice President of Brand Development for Duraflame, Inc. “During less robust economic times we tend to see an increase in fireplace usage, as it is a great way to enjoy a night that is familiar and comforting.”

Pairing other at-home activities with a Duraflame fire can provide a full evening of enjoyment and is significantly less expensive than a typical night out. For example, combine a Duraflame firelog for $3.50, a take and bake pizza for $7.50 and a bottle of wine for $10, for just $21 total. Compared to an evening out at a bistro, wine could cost $25, dinner $30 and a tip, $6, for a total of $63.50, and that’s not including gas and a potential parking fee. Couples can create a romantic night at home with a Duraflame firelog for $3.50, dark chocolates for $6.50, wine for $10 and a movie rental for $5 for a total of $25. A night out to a movie could cost as much as $38 - movie, $18; popcorn and soda, $15; and a coffee house stop after, $7.

“During difficult times people seek out comfort, and we’re pleased to provide consumers with a cost effective means of relaxing at home during these tough economic times,” said Caron.

Duraflame has also introduced a new type of firelog this year, Stax logs. These multipurpose, stackable and crackling firelogs are manufactured so that more than one can be used at a time, and extra logs can be added as needed. As consumers move towards reducing their thermostat to save money, burning these logs in a fireplace or woodstove is a good way to add a little extra heat on a cool night. Just three Stax logs burn better than an entire bundle of wood and provide more heat than one firelog.

As a manufacturer of over 60 million firelogs per year, Duraflame has focused on producing high quality firelogs that burn much more efficiently and produce 80 percent fewer pollutants than traditional cordwood.

About Duraflame, Inc.

Duraflame, Inc. is America's firelog brand leader. Headquartered in Stockton, Calif., Duraflame is a privately held, family-owned company that has been in business for more than 40 years. The company produces and distributes firelogs, fire starters, fireplace accessories, barbecue and outdoor products. More information about Duraflame and its complete product line can be found at www.Duraflame.com