Video and photo tutorials demonstrate ease of building cozy fires with Duraflame® Stax® Logs

STOCKTON, Calif. (Nov. 19, 2009) – The perfect winter pairing is a cozy wood fire on a chilly evening. Yet, after a long day at work or a hectic afternoon of errands, building a fire can be an “I wish” idea.  A new quick way to turn desire into reality is to use the latest innovation from Duraflame: Stax logs, the firelog with the stacked aesthetics and crackling sounds of a wood fire.

Unlike building a firewood fire, a Stax fire takes just minutes to build without the mess or splinters. To make easy even easier, Duraflame is sharing tips to ensure a successful and safe fire. A video is available at A photo tutorial is also available upon request.

Duraflame: Two-Minute Fire Building

  • Open your wood burning fireplace flue.
  • Place two Stax logs on the center of the fireplace grate in an "X" formation.  Make sure the top log angles to the back of the fireplace.
  • With Stax, no kindling is necessary.  Place the logs with the seam-side out then follow the instructions on the packaging and light.
  • If you want to add more logs, just wait about two hours before adding another Stax log.  Then, add additional logs according to the package instructions.
  • Enjoy the fire through open fireplace doors (and always close the mesh screen to keep embers in their place).
  • These same tips can be followed for a gathering around your outdoor fireplace.

Safety Notes:  Do not use accelerants to start a fire and don't burn trash or garbage.  Also, have your chimney inspected and cleaned as necessary by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.

The next generation of fire, Stax logs are the first Duraflame firelogs designed to burn with multiple logs and are approved for use in a wood stove. The logs are a firelog-firewood hybrid - just three of them provide a fire equivalent to burning an entire 30-pound bundle of firewood. 

Duraflame manufactures Stax logs by blending recycled wood fiber and agricultural biomass with non-petroleum bio-waxes and plant oils. In a fireplace, the firelogs produce approximately 50 percent less emissions than an equivalent wood fire.

ABOUT Duraflame

Duraflame, Inc. is America's firelog brand leader. Headquartered in Stockton, Calif., Duraflame is a privately held, family-owned company that has been in the firelog business for more than 40 years. The company produces and distributes firelogs, fire starters, fireplace accessories, barbecue and outdoor products.  More information about Duraflame and the complete product line at