I could not find a manual or assembly instructions in the box.

Click here for the Log Set Manual
Click here for the Fire Pit Manual

Where can I find illuma products?

Please click here for a list of stores near you or online carrying duraflame illuma products.

May I roast marshmallows (or other foods) over an illuma fire?

We do not recommend you roast marshmallows or any other foods over an illuma fire. Illuma fires are not designed nor intended for use as a cooking fuel. This product only burns with flames and doesn’t generate adequate coals for cooking.

May i light the illuma log set with a lighter or match instead of
the built-in igniter?

If you are relighting the fuel when it is hot, please use a long-stem match or lighter and exercise caution when relighting the fuel. You may see a small flash since the vapors from the hot fuel will ignite quickly.

I'm missing a part and need a replacement.

Please consult your User’s Manual to determine which part is missing. Then send us an email at with your mailing information so we can send you a replacement.

Assembly parts are missing from the box.

All these items are included. If after searching carefully (inside burner and box) you cannot find any of these items, let us know and we will send you the missing items. You can also download the manual from the product page our web site.

How much heat does an illuma fire generate?

Each one-liter canister of illuma-fuel generates about 22,000 BTUs. Depending on conditions and whether the burner is fully open, each canister lasts anywhere from 1 hr and 45 minutes to about 2 hrs and 20 minutes, generating about 10,000 to 12,000 BTU/hr.

illuma-fuel® Bio-ethanol

Why does bio-ethanol have an odor?

You may detect a slight odor from bio-ethanol, especially when you ignite and extinguish the fire. Because ethanol is 100% alcohol, the law requires that it be denatured so it is rendered unsuitable for human consumption. The denaturing ingredient may cause a slight odor, which eventually disperses and fades away after you ignite/extinguish the fire.

May I refill one of my empty illuma-fuel canisters with bio-ethanol fuel?

Never use any fuel other than duraflame® illuma-fuel® in your illuma fireplace unit. Other fuel brands may not be the same formulation as illuma-fuel, which is specifically formulated for use with duraflame® illuma products only. Use of any other fuel not only renders the warranty void, but may also cause the appliance to operate in an unsafe manner. For these reasons, you must never attempt to substitute illuma-fuel.

What is Bio-ethanol fuel?

Bio-ethanol is a renewable energy source made from fermented agricultural biomass, such as grain, corn, sugar cane, potatoes or other by-products, into alcohol. The combustion of bio-ethanol produces minimal emissions of steam and carbon dioxide, which plants reabsorb during photosynthesis. This combination of actions results in a carbon-neutral fuel.

How do I clean up a bio-ethanol fuel spill?

Use a wet rag to soak up the spilled ethanol then add water to the rag and leave it outside to dry up. Or you can use paper towels to soak up the liquid, then use a wet towel to clean the spill. It’s important to add water to the paper towels to dilute the alcohol before disposing of them into the trash.

How many times may I change the canister and how often?

You may change the fuel canister as often and as many times as you like, but please ensure that the canisters are empty of fuel before you replace them. The illuma unit is specially designed so that the flames will automatically shift to one side to indicate when the fuel level is low and it is time to refuel.

Is bio-ethanol fuel toxic if my pet ingests it?

While the bittering agent added to bio-ethanol Illuma-fuel is an effective deterrent to human consumption of the fuel, it is unknown whether this bitter taste is a true hindrance to a determined pet. Depending on the amount ingested, the size of your pet, and whether their stomach was empty or full at the time of ingestion, your pet may experience a range of symptoms including drowsiness, lack of coordination, and involuntary urination, or, if a large amount was ingested, unconsciousness and respiratory difficulties. Access to an ample supply of water for hydration and lots of rest is helpful if your pet has had very mild symptoms, however if the symptoms are stronger, or if you are in any doubt as to the health of your pet, we recommend you consult a veterinarian immediately. We can send you a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for illuma-fuel if your veterinarian requires that information. Request a MSDS.

Log Set

Where may I place/ burn an illuma Log Set?

The illuma log set must be placed in either an open hearth fireplace or a vent free firebox.

May I place an illuma log set in an outdoor masonry fireplace?

Yes, but always take care to empty any water that may have accumulated in the unit due to rain or heavy moisture conditions. Moisture can affect the ignition of the unit.

May I use an illuma log set in a fireplace with a gas log lighter?

You cannot use illuma in a fireplace with a gas log lighter unless you have a licensed technician remove the log lighter pipe and cap the gas line.

Fire Pit

May I burn a fire with my illuma fire pit indoors?

No. Even though ethanol is a very clean burning fuel, this appliance has not been designed or tested for indoor use. Using the appliance indoors may produce harmful emissions and/or a dangerous situation.

Product Safety

Does an illuma fire emit toxic fumes?

The products of combustion from an illuma fire are water, steam, and carbon dioxide. These emissions are imperceptible and much lower concentration than what is emitted from gas fireplaces and gas vent free appliances. Note that if the logs are not assembled correctly and the flame impinges on the logs, some soot may be generated. Take care to ensure the logs are placed correctly before igniting the fire.

Is exposure to a bio-ethanol fire toxic to my pet?

The combustion of bio-ethanol fuel produces water, steam and carbon-dioxide, with negligible emissions, so it is safe for pets to be around an illuma fire.

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