Illuma combines the splendor of a contemporary fire with the convenience and the eco-friendliness of bio-fuel. The vent-free tabletop burner is a smart, stylish and accessible choice for an inviting fire inside or outside your home.

The focal point of the illuma tabletop fireplace set is the flame – and the key to the flame is illuma-fuel®. Illuma-fuel is a specially formulated, ultra-low emission liquid bio-ethanol that produces a playful orange and yellow flame that dances authentically.

  • Vent-free tabletop fireplace can be used indoors or outdoors or placed in any existing fireplace
  • Produces No Smoke – for an enjoyable fire experience
  • Flip-up lid on the side reveals the fuel compartment
  • Disposable and recyclable illuma-fuel® canisters are designed for ease-of-use and safety
  • Simply insert a canister – no pre-measuring or pouring liquid required
  • Unlike other ethanol fire systems, illuma allows replacement of the fuel canister while the fire is burning – providing an uninterrupted fire
  • A low fuel indicator – movement of flames to the right – signals when it’s time to refuel
  • Flame size and burn time can be adjusted using a side knob. The knob can also close the burner to extinguish the flames at any time during the burn
  • Decorative fireplace stones (not included) can be added around the burner for a more customized look

Read manual before use.