Duraflame® illuma-fuel® is a liquid bio-ethanol fireplace
fuel packaged in custom, no-pour, onetime use canisters,
allowing you to safely refuel the appliance during use.
Illuma-fuel bio-ethanol produces beautiful orange and
yellow flames that dance authentically, similar to
burning wood.

Illuma-fuel canisters are designed specifically for use in
duraflame® illuma® appliances, which feature a hidden
compartment for easy and safe placement and refueling.
The canisters are foil-sealed and feature a child resistant
safety cap.Once the cap is removed, the canister is inserted into the fuel compartment, providing a continuous source of fuel to the burner. Since the seal on the canister is automatically pierced inside the fuel compartment, you never pour or handle the fuel.

  • 1 Liter illuma-fuel® Canisters are sold in a 6-ct case
  • Liquid bio-ethanol is a renewable, ultra-low emission fireplace fuel that produces no smoke when burned
  • Produces aesthetic, dancing orange and yellow flames
  • Each canister burns for up to 2 hours*
  • Use only in duraflame® illuma® bio-ethanol burning appliances
  • Contains Bitrex®, a bittering agent to prevent ingestion
  • Illuma-fuel canisters are recyclable

*Burn time can vary by appliance. Illuma appliances have features for adjusting burn time - See user's manuals for more details.

Bitrex is a registered trademark of Macfarlan Smith, Ltd.

Read cautions and instructions on bottle before use.