The illuma® Advantage

Simple, Clean & Green

Duraflame® illuma® Bio-ethanol burning log sets and fire pits
use a new generation of fireplace technology that burns liquid
bio-ethanol in safe, no-pour illuma-fuel® canisters. The proprietary burner system and fuel canister allow for a safe, simple and illuminating indoor and outdoor fire experience.

  • Safe, no-pour liquid bio-ethanol canisters
  • Patented steady flame burner for easy operation
  • Spill-proof refueling - even while in use
  • No smoke - ultra-low emission fuel
  • No mess, no clean up
  • Bio-ethanol fuel is clean and renewable
  • Zero particulate emissions - can be used on air district imposed no burn days
  • Illuma appliances require minimal assembly
  • Cleaner-burning than wood
  • Less expensive than installing a hard-piped gas system