Carbon Footprint

Those duraflame
® firelog products that are made from renewable materials produce 70% less greenhouse gas emissions than gas fireplaces. Here are the facts about renewable fuels versus fossil fuels.

Residential Wood Burning Appliances

  • Carbon dioxide produced from wood combustion is already a part of the planet’s natural carbon cycle, and therefore not considered to add to the atmospheric carbon dioxide load.


Renewable Fuel Emissions

  • Duraflame® firelog products that are made from renewable materials produce 22% less carbon emissions than equivalent duration fires burned with firewood.


Fire logs vs. Natural Gas


  • Although gas fireplaces are often touted as the cleanest burning alternative to firewood due to their low fine particulate emissions, 99% of their combustion emissions ARE greenhouse gases from non-renewable fossil fuel.
  • Independent studies show that duraflame firelogs made from renewable resources produce over 70% less greenhouse gas emissions than burning equivalent duration fires with natural gas logs in a traditional vented fireplace.

If you want to learn more about how duraflame
® firelogs reduce emissions, feel free to read the summary report Global Warming Reduction Benefits of Manufactured Biowax-Fiber Fireplace Logs.  

If you're interested in reading the full, detailed report of findings, please contact us at for more information.