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Product Safety

Product Safety

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Are duraflame fire logs and firestarters dangerous to pets or small children?

Store fire logs and firestarters out of reach of pets and small children.  They are not suitable for human or animal consumption.  For safety purposes, it's always best to keep pets and small children away from the fireplace while it is in use.  Always use a firescreen while burning.  If your fireplace is burning properly and all smoke is ventilated to the outdoors there should not be any exposure to smoke that could irritate your house pets or children.  Birds, however, have particularly sensitive lungs and circulation systems and can be sensitive to slight changes in heat and air conditions.  Keep pet birds far away from the fireplace.

Are fire logs or firestarters toxic if my pet eats part of them?

Our fire logs are made of sawdust, agricultural fibers, waxes and oils; we are not aware of any ingredients that would cause a chemically toxic reaction should your pet consume a small amount of these products.  However, the wood fibers in the product are not digestible.  Depending on how much of the fire log or firestarter is eaten, your pet may become constipated or have an upset stomach.  If you have a small pet or the pet has eaten a large amount of the product you should consult a veterinarian as the pet may experience complications with its digestive system.  Click here to request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if your vet requires that information.

Can I burn more than one duraflame fire log at a time?

No.  Duraflame fire logs were designed to eliminate the need for adding more fuel and tending a fire.  The wax component of the product produces twice the BTU per pound of wood, allowing one duraflame fire log to provide a fire equivalent to several pieces of wood.  Burning more than one log at a time could result in too large or too hot a fire in your fireplace.  For outdoor fire pits or fireplaces, our specially designed multi-log open air™ crackling fire log can be used in a 2- or 3-log fire.

Can a duraflame fire log be used to start a wood fire?

It is not recommended that duraflame fire logs be used as starter materials for a wood fire.  A duraflame fire log provides more fuel content than necessary to start a wood fire.  However, Duraflame markets quick start and firestart natural wood firelighters, which are made from similar materials and are specifically designed to light wood fires.

Is it okay to burn duraflame fire logs on andirons?

No.  Duraflame fire logs should be burned on an adequate supporting grate.  Fire logs tend to soften while burning and need support to assure maximum burn time.  Burning fire logs on grates with parallel bar spacing greater than three inches does not provide adequate support and may result in log breakage, flare-up and/or reduced burn time.

Should I remove the paper wrapper from a duraflame fire log before lighting?

No.  Duraflame fire logs have a proprietary easy lighting process that is designed to work with the wrapper in place.  Simply create an airspace between the body of the fire log and the wrapper by carefully pulling outward on the package seam then light the two arrows on the seam.  When ignited properly, the duraflame fire log should be fully aflame in five minutes or less.

Is it okay to use pokers or tongs when tending duraflame fire logs?

No.  Unlike firewood, fire logs are designed to burn in a controlled manner and do not require tending.  Tongs or pokers can cause a fire log to break apart and expose more surface area to the air - increasing the burn rate and resulting in a shorter fire.  When placed on a proper fireplace grate and left undisturbed, a 6lb duraflame fire log will burn up to 4 hours.

Is it okay to cook over the fire of a duraflame fire log?

No.  Duraflame fire logs are not designed nor intended for use as a cooking fuel.  Generally, the types of solid fuel used for cooking produce coals, which emanate heat over a period of time, and cooking is conducted by exposing the food directly to the heat generated by the coals.  Our regular fire logs only burn with flames and do not generate adequate coals for cooking.  For roasting food over a cozy fire, try duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs instead.

In an emergency, how can I extinguish the logs?

Carefully douse fire with water or sand or use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.