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Duraflame Hardwood Briquetes.  BBQ Competition Quality Charcoal.

duraflame® Hardwood Briquets

Duraflame® Real Hardwood Briquets give you all the hearty, authentic grilled flavor and inviting aroma of cooking with charred wood in a long, even burning briquet.  And, they burn hotter than regular briquets so meat is seared and retains all of its natural juices and flavors.

  • Available in 8lb and 15lb bags
  • Premium competition quality briquets
  • Made with 95% hardwood charcoal fines and 4% vegetable starch binder
  • Burns hotter and lasts longer than coal-based briquets
  • No chemicals, mineral additives or fillers
  • Great wood-grilled flavor of lump charcoal in a long, even-burning briquet form
Premium hardwood briquettes made with 95% hardwood lump charcoal fines. Burns hotter and last longer than coal-based briquets. No chemicals, mineral additives or fillers
Manufactured by: Duraflame®
Model: Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes