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 Press Releases

June, 2015 -  New Product: Duraflame Instant Lighting Charcoal

November, 2014 -  The Modern Fire Formula for an Easy, Eco-Friendly Fire

October, 2014 -  Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

July, 2014 -  Add S'more to Your Campfire this Summer

December, 2013 -  Six Ways to Eco-Deck the Halls without Sacrificing Tradition

October, 2012 -  Easy-to-Use Resource Available to Look Up Unrestricted Burn Days

May, 2012 -  Duraflame Introduces New Campfire Logs for Roasting

March, 2012 -  Patents Awarded to Duraflame

November, 2011 -  Burning Curtailment Season Begins Today

November, 2011 -  Three Steps to Get Ahead When You "Fall Back"

October, 2011 -  Duraflame Kicks Off the Changing Seasons with 1,000 Ways to Start Something Good

November, 2010 -  New Website, Helps Residents Know When to Burn

September, 2010 -  Duraflame Firelogs Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

November, 2009 -  Easy Fire Tips that Will Change Your Life in Minutes
(Press Release and Video)

December, 2008 -  Fireplaces Provide an Affordable, Luxurious Evening at Home

May, 2008 -  Stax™ Firelogs Look, Stack and Perform like State-of-the-Art Firewood

April, 2007 -  Biowax/fiber Firelogs for Fireplaces: All-Renewable Product Can Significantly Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Fireplaces